Group A : Awards to Local Organizations

             A.1 Best Community Development Program


             A.2 Best Business Development Program


             A.3 Best Individual Development Program


             A.4 Best International Development Program


             A.5 Best Environment Development Program


                 A.6 Best Public Relations Program


                    A.7 Best Membership Recruitment Program


              A.8  Best Fund Raising Program


              A.10 Best New Local Organization of the Area/World  Award (Best New Chapter)


              A.11 Best UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Project


              A.12 Best Youth Activities Program


   Group B: Awards to Individual Members

                B.1a Most Outstanding Chapter President (25 - 45 members) Category 3


             B.1b  Most Outstanding Chapter President (45 - 75 members) Category 2


           B.1c  Most Outstanding Chapter President (75+ members) Category 1    


            B.2 Most Outstanding Senator


              B.3 Most Outstanding Trainer


              B.4 Most Outstanding Member


             B.5 The Joaquin V. Gonzalez  Memorial  Award


               Group C:  JCI Special Awards 


                C.3   Asia Pacific Development Council Training Program Award



               Group D: JCI Philippines Special Awards 

  Group E:                             

                  D.1a Outstanding LOM of the Year Award (from 25 - 45 members)


                     D.1b Outstanding LOM of the Year Award (from 46-75 members)


                     D.1c Outstanding LOM of the Year Award (more that 75  members)


                     D.2  Outstanding New Jaycee of the Year


                     D.3   Best Jaycee Week Award


                     D.4  Most Outstanding Area Conference of the Year 


                     D.5   Most Outstanding JCI Project Chairman


                     D.6  Best Sports Development Program


                     D.7   Most Outstanding JCI Family


                     D.8   Best Cultural  Affairs Program


                     D.9   Best Civic Involvement Program


                     D.10  Best Public Health Program


                     D.11 Education for Peace Award


                     D.12 Award for Assistance to the Handicapped


                D.13 Best Joint of Work by a Group of JCI Local Organizations


                 D.14  Best JCI Local Local Organization Publication


                     D.15  Best JCI Local Organization Website