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Greater "Dipag"  Jaycees
55th National President
Presidential Theme : Leadership Excellence and Dedicated Service

This year the administration gave more emphasis on the training by requiring the NTC to conduct training seminars to the members nationwide. For the first time implemented the permanent ID system of members and also spear headed a computer program database system for the organization.      

JCI Philippines- Quezon City Celebrity 
56th National President
Presidential Theme : Entrepreneurs in Action

With the introduction of the new JCI logo for the implementation for a one uniform global branding of the Jaycees Worldwide.  All NOMs and local chapters are required to adopt the new logo. The administration then has devoted itself on a nationwide campaign to all its LOMs for its adoption. Since its also a constitutional amendment year thereby amended important provisions of the organization's by-laws to correspond to the exigencies of times. The NOM Headquarters has also undergone renovation and face lifting for its beautification.

JCI Philippines- Magalang Mekeni
57th National President
Presidential Theme: Entrepreneurs in Action

With a vision of  improving the quality and capabilities of our JCI members especially our trainers. This administration gives more emphasis on trainings and strengthened the NTC by instituting reforms by coming out with new NTC Policy Manual and held area "Trainers Forum" to re-envigorate the inactive trainers back into the training circle. The office of the National Training Director Office was also created to assist the NTC in facilitating more trainings that  produced positive results having come up with most number of JCI accredited trainers (CLTs, CNTs, NG) over the years including one IG for the last eleven years.        

JCI Bacolod, Inc.
58th National President
Presidential Theme: Entrepreneurs in Action

Believing that putting more emphasis on the marketing strategies  will gain positive outlook in terms of financial sourcing of the organization needed to execute it projects.. During this  administration it gained more the trust and confidence of corporate partners  thereby resulting for more sponsorship on national projects. The search for the The Outstanding Councilors of the Philippines (TOCP) was introduced for the first time as one of the flagship projects besides the TOYM, TOPP etc. Other projects like National Essay Writing Contest, Bring Back the Smiles, Business Networking Seminars were also implemented.     

JCI Marilaw
59th National President
Presidential Theme: Be Better-Think BIG  "Taking Definite Action-Making Things Happen"

   Embarking on a major thrust in "Making Things Happen" where its main goal was focused in making the organization to be more financially viable.  During this year it was decided that  local dues be increased by fifty percent.  Such plan  was initiated  to augment the extra funds coming from national projects, donations  from JCI Senators and Past JCI past national officers. Such move yielded positive results thereby nearly doubling the organization's revenues. With more funds generated the organization was able to pay all the remaining JCI arrears incurred from previous years, This year was also first time that JCI CYEA project was conducted nationally. On this year the  organization also Chaired  the Alay Lakad and regarded as  one of the most successful because of funds raised and the biggest in terms of community participation The JCI Phils. building was also fully face lifted and additional office equipments were also procured and was able also to turnover a substantial surplus to the incoming administration. 

JCI Roxas Kapatiran
60th National President
Presidential Theme: Be Better "Active Citizenship, Making Things Better"

  In observance of the Diamond Anniversary a Grand Anniversary Celebration and Homecoming was held last October 18, 2008 commemorating the 60th year of existence of JCI Philippines a red-letter day in the annals of its rich history. The affair was meant to pay tribute to its founder the late Artemio Vergel de Dios & 1st Nat'l. President Amb. Ramon del Rosario Sr. also to all the men at the helm who made the organization of what is today. Going along with the theme Be Better- Active Citizenship. National flagship projects like  the TOYM which celebrated its 50th year, the Batang Leader Award (YLEA), Jaycee Week, Commemorative Car Plates and JCIP Rings, Wall of Honor, JCI MAX Discount Card to name few were all dynamically implemented. The fun filled simultaneous Area Conferences, the memorable 60th National Convention in Dipolog City (Dakak) were exceptionally done. Numerous trainings (JCI signature courses) were also all excellently executed including different JCI Projects like the CYEA, BBP etc. The well attended ASPAC in Busan, Korea which includes having delegates to the JCI UN-Summit in New York City also at the JCI World Congress in New Delhi, India. All said activities contributed in making the JCI Philippines adjudged number ONE during this year being the most efficient NOM besting all the 125 JCI NOM affiliates. Such feat was regarded the first and one of the best accomplishment ever by the organization in the 18 years of history of the JCI Efficiency program.  Also an achievement to treasure was the coming up of the much awaited "Coffee Table Book" that will contain the complete historical events that best portrait on the triumphs of the JCI Philippines as an organization.